Lockdown blues? No way!

Amandla Obunye’s Management Team are doing everything they normally do pre-lockdown, just add running around the house and baking obscene amounts of banana bread to the list!

Lockdown is tough on everyone, especially having to juggle all your responsibilities while being locked down. Some have to do grade 6 & 11 again, (x) can’t find itself, others are taking care of their elderly parents and some have their hands full with very demanding pets.

When asked to give one positive aspect of lockdown, I got many. From being very productive and supporting one another to mastering the art of multitasking.

Running around the house, cleaning cupboards, gardening, baking, cooking, family Bible sessions, reading and putting their wood work skills to use, is how the AOTA team is keeping sane.

During all this time, please be assured the team stands ready to assist you with all your training needs.

From the homes of the AOTA Management Team; keep well and stay safe.

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