Mission Statement, Goals and Values


Amandla Obunye Training Academy will meet or exceed our learners’ expectations by continuously improving and updating the skills and resources needed for demand driven Education, Training and Development.

Goals and Vision

Help our learners achieve their full potential through quality education, training and recognition of prior learning.

Work in partnership with our learners and learners and clients to enhance their respect and loyalty.

Maintain beneficial supplier partnerships to ensure that our needs and expectations for training products and services are met.

Maintain a participatory work ethic, rely on the innate excellence of our staff and provide a training culture in which they excel.

Maintain a passion for continuous improvement and continuously improve processes and training related services.

To be a global leader in providing quality education and training services


At Amandla Obunye Training Academy, while our organisational roles differ, our values frame everything we do and express our commitment to our students, communities, residents of our region and ourselves.

Student Success
We empower students to become self-reliant, lifelong learners capable of integrating what they learn with how they live and work.

We ensure access to learning opportunities, regardless of geographic, technological, financial, social, educational or historic barriers.

Our individual and organisational performance fosters public trust and community confidence.

We are committed to continuous improvement and achieving the highest quality possible.

Relevance and Responsiveness
We provide learning opportunities that are relevant to the lives and work of our students and delivered in a creative, flexible, timely and collaborative manner.

Positive Organizational Culture
Ours is an organizational culture that operates in an open and honest manner, is based on mutual trust and respect, values creativity and responsible risk taking, encourages innovative, strategic thinking and affirms excellence.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
We are actively engaged in the economic and social development of our communities and are active stewards of the unique natural environment in which we reside.

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