COVID-19 Definition Challenge

Amandla Obunye staff got creative and challenged each other to come up with new definitions for COVID-19. Have a look:

Having Clear Objectives with Volumes of Integrity Dedicated to being Nr 1 at my work and spending more time at the 9th hole.



Created chaos Opinions Varied on Initiatives to Defeat 1 of the most unbe9 modern viruses.


It is:

Contagious, Ongoing, targeting the Vulnerable, International and Demoralising.

But we can:

Create new norms, Order and reset the Earth, Vary our ways, Implement measures to be safe and Decide to be positive about the future.


It takes:

Courage to recognize and acknowledge every Opportunity that comes across your path, but you ought to Visualize your future and live your life to your full potential in order to Inspire others to follow their Dreams.



Collective Ongoing Virtual Instruction does 1ders 99% of the time (the rest, is face to face).

The AOTA team is looking forward to the day where we can face each other again.

Please be assured the team stands ready to assist you with all your training needs.

From all of us at AOTA, keep well and stay safe.

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For the latest information on the Corona Virus and how it's affecting South Africa, please visit the South African government's Covid-19 portalVisit the site NOW!