Placements & Partnerships

Amandla Obunye prides itself in being experts in the field of training and development and aims to form linkages and partnerships in this arena. Practical business training interventions will directly result in real and sustainable skills improvement and personal development for individual and add value to company performance.

This cannot be achieved without training partnerships. Parties to these linkages with providers include employers/organisations, Seta’s, Local municipalities and departments as well as community initiatives.

Process and technological innovations are changing skills requirements and upskilling is constantly needed in organisations. Fine-tuning existing skills and filling a needs gap can only be achieved by a good relationship between a provider and the employers/organisations they serve. Targeted employees should be provided with job-specific training and provided within the framework of their available time for programme delivery, learning styles and specific organisational or industry needs. Amandla endeavours not just provide a service, but to take responsibility for the programme delivery and provide continuous feedback to its stakeholders.

The training need of our South African labour market also extends to unemployed individuals. As provider we form partnerships with the Seta’s to provide the correct development of learners to assist with developing of competent individuals entering the workforce.

Contact us for more information regarding learner placements & partnering with us.

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