Amandla Obunye Shines in 2018

Established as a separately functioning company within Nolands Advisory, Amandla Obunye are specialists in the area of training and government funded SETA (Sector Education Training Authority) learnerships.

The company is led by Dr Frikkie Stoltz. From decades of experience, he has developed a unique understanding of how to design “win win” training programmes for companies. He is a highly experiences specialist in the nuances of SETA grant application and is standing by to guide you at every stage of this process.

Amandla Obunye celebrated a number of highlights this year. We were awarded over 700 learnerships from various SETA’s. We also celebrated our very first award ceremony. On 1 August 2018, Amandla Obunye established a Regional Office in Cape Town.

Amandla Obunye, (which translates to “The Power of Togetherness”) is proud to be a pioneer in the training industry by being the first training provider to offer a Learnership exclusively to disabled learners with PSETA. They are passionate about changing lives and creating opportunities for the youth; especially those who face unique challenges in their daily life.

Amandla Obunye operates in an open and honest manner, based on mutual trust and respect. We value creativity and responsible risk taking, encourage innovative, strategic thinking and affirms excellence.

Amandla Obunye will help you and your company to unlock the huge potential available for government–backed and funded training in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Free State and Gauteng.

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